A Million Little Pieces

Timeline created by aliresmera21
  • James Frey Woke up on an airplane

    James had woken up on an airplane missing two front teeth, a hole in his cheek and was completely filthy.
  • James started a rehad clinic.

    James had started a drug and alcohol rehad facility because his famiy checked him in to get help. When he got there he was put on prescription drugs to rid his system of drug and alcohol poisoning.
  • James meets Lilly

    James met Lilly the same day that he showed up at the rehab and they instantly came together. They eventually fell in love.
  • James got beat up

    James had been on drugs for a long time and when he started the rehab faculty he had been brutallly beaten by a man because he had sat in a chair.
  • James mkes enemies with Roy

    On the second day of rehsbilitating James a man named Roy had tried to get Jmes kicked out of the clinic completely. He had sabotaged James chore duty and had tried to attack James, but James was to strong for him and had gotten the crap beaten out of him.
  • James makes friends Leonard

    After the fight with Roy James had made friends with a man named Leonard. At first it took a while for them to become friends but after a while they became so close that they were best friends
  • James rescues Lilly

    James rescued Lilly from a crack house when she had run away from the facility and then had troubles with the crack because he didn't want to relapse and decided not to because he loved Lilly and wanted her to be safe.