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A History of Cartography

  • 100

    Babalonian Mapmaking

    Babalonian Mapmaking
    This is one of the oldest maps in the world dating from 2300 b.c.
    It shows the city of Babylon on the Euphrates river also showing Assyria and Uratu.
  • 165

    Ptolemy's "Map of the World"

    Ptolemy's "Map of the World"
    Around 100 a.d. Claudius Ptolemy made a work called Geographike hyphygesis (Guide to Geography), which was used until the Rennaissance.
  • Sep 13, 1100

    T and O maps.

    T and O maps.
    In the Early middle ages these primative maps could be found in illuminated manuscripts in religious works. It is made to look as if Jerusalem is the center of the world.
  • Sep 13, 1540

    Enter the printing press.

    Enter the printing press.
    After Johannes Gutenburg invented the printing press, Maps bacame much more common
  • Period: to

    Modern mapmaking.

    Scientific methods of mapmaking created much more accurate maps, with the tool of printing maps became widespread.
  • Creation of the USGS

    Creation of the USGS
    The United States Geological Survey is created to conduct the "classification of the public lands."
  • Aircraft surveying

    Aircraft surveying
    With the introduction of aircraft, maps mecame more and more accurate.
  • Radar technology

    Radar technology
    With early radar technology cartographers were able to see through the clouds.
  • NASA Satellite

    NASA Satellite
    NASA launched Landsat 1 which took the first pictures of earth to be used for cartographic reasons.
  • The first EOS

    The first EOS
    In 1999 NASA launched its first Earth Observing System into space, which instead of taking images measured all of Earths processes.
  • The Global Positioning System

    The Global Positioning System
    This technology can tell people where they are no matter where they are. This technology can also be used for scientific reasons such ass studying erosion.