A Colorado History

By kmilton
  • Colorado Mining

    Goods/services provided were: gold, silver, ore, molybdenum, and jobs. The impact was more money, shops, stores, and more people came to Colorado. The reason why the mining industry came to colorado was because Colorado is rich in recources. Recourses needed: food, mining necessitities, minerals, water, wood, and money.
  • Colorado Cattle industry

    Goods/services provided: meat, jobs, and fertilizer. Impact: more jobs, and more people came to Colorado. Reason for coming to Colorado: Colorado's plains were abundent with grasses. Recourses needed: water, grasses, people, and money.
  • Colorado Agriculture

    Goods/services provided: food, inspection, manure, beverages, and farming. Impact: Colorado had an agriculture. Reason for coming to Colorado: Colorado had farming. Recourses needed: farming materials, and whatever is needed.
  • Colorado Beverage industry

    Goods/services provided: alcoholic beverages, carbonated drinks, etc. etc. etc. Impact: more beverages were made. Reason for coming to Colorado: Colorados recources were rich. Recourses needed: matierials needed for the beverage(s), building matierials, people, and money.
  • Colorado Mint

    goods/services provided: gold bars, gold coins, silver coins, and jobs. Imact: gold and silver was able to be refined. Reason for coming to Colorado: there was lots of gold and silver being mined here. Recourses needed: gold, silver, buildings, money, food, water, and people.
  • NORAD or North American Defenese Command formed

    Goods/services provided: warning to U.S. and Canada from enemy spacecraft, nuclear missles, and other various threats. Impact: U.S.A. and Canada are warned about certain threats. Reason for coming to Colorado: because Colorado is at the center of the U.S. Recourses needed: radars etc.
  • Colorado Rockies formed

    Goods/services provided: beverages, food, entertainment, and jobs. Impact: More people came to Colorado. Reason for coming to Colorado: there was lots of people so they thought they could make money. Recourses needed: people, building materials, food, money, and water