A Child Called It, nonfiction, Pelzer, 206 pages

  • pages 1-50

    A fifth-grade age David goes to school, dropped off by his mother. He goes to the office, where he is sent to the nurse. She cleans him up, as per usual. She calls in the principal, and he says that he is sick of standing by. The principal calls a police-man, who listens to David's story. He takes David into custody. A new chapter begins, describing how life was with his mom and family before she went crazy.
  • pages 51-99

    david talks about his mother's golden days and her sudden and terrifying twist into being a crazy alcoholic. One summer, the family goes camping at their cabin at the Russian River, Mother tries to force David to eat his baby brother's feces. By this point in his life, DAvid has learned how to survive his mother's torture.
  • 99-199

    The vivid descriptions of david's nasty abuse continue for a while longer until the author starts talking about his life after he was rescued from his evil mother. He talks about how Christianity saved him countless times in his teenage years. Pelzer concludes with how he does not drink and how grateful he is for his wife and kids now.
  • 199-206

    Pelzer continues talking about his kids and how he deals with the revolting trauma of his sad childhood.