A Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Sallinger

  • Chapter 1, 277 pages

    Fiction: 3-9 pages; total 6 pages. Holden is at a place, like a hospital, to "take it easy." He is telling a doctor, maybe a psychiatrist, what happened to him last Christmas when he was kicked out of Pencey that led to this.
  • pages 10-34, 31 pages total

    Holden was kicked out of school and describes his visit to one of his old teachers. He also describes his dorm neighbor, Ackley.
  • pages 35-68, 65 pages total

    Holden's roommate comes back from his date with Jane. They get in a fight, and Holden goes to a hotel.
  • pages 69-98, 95 pages total

    Holden has a few days before he is supposed to be home for Christmas break, so he goes to a hotel in New York and looks for things to do.
  • pages 99-114, 111 pages total

    Holden tells about Jane, and he goes to Ernie's, a bar.
  • pages 114-147, 143 pages total

    These chapters tell about what happens when the elevator operator sends a prostitute to Holden's room.
  • pages 148-174, 171 total pages

    Holden walks to a museum, and then he has a disasterous date with a girl named Sally.
  • pages 175-203, 200 pages total

    Holden meets an old friend for a drink, and ends up getting very drunk. He is very depressed.
  • pages 204-234, 231 pages total

    Holden goes to see his little sister,Phoebe, and they talk. This is the part where the title of the book is explained.
  • pages 235-251, 248 pages total

    Holden goes and talks with his old teacher, Mr. Antolini.
  • pages 252-277, 274 pages total

    After seeing Phoebe, Holden decides to go home. He has told this story from a rest home where he went after his breakdown.