A brief look at the history of scottsdale community college

By roskc
  • SCC opens

    SCC first opened its doors in the fall of 1969.
  • The first classes

    When SCC first opened it had a student body of 948. Today SCC enrolls 17,000 credit and 8,000 non-credit students annually.
  • SCC moves to current campus

    In 1970, the school moved to the location it is still at today in Salt River, Arizona.
  • SCC gets Artie the Artichoke

    in the fall of 1972, during a time of political unrest related to the vietnam war. the SCC student body chose an artichoke to be the mascot. because a vegetable was un-war-like.
  • Period: to

    Huge expansion of Maricopa County CC System

    During the 1980s the MCCCD added several new campuses because of the incresed demand for local and low cost education.
  • 1,200 community colleges in U.S.

    there are 1,200 community colleges in the United States and roughly half of all minority undergraduate students, including, Hispanics, attend community colleges rather than universities.
  • MCCCD has 19 public 2 year colleges

    MCCCD has one of the largest community college systems anywhere in the United States, and is highly respected.