A Bad Case of the Stripes~Jillian Zinn

  • Exposition

    It is Camillia's first day of school and she has to have the perfect out fit... she looks in the mirror and BAM!!! She is striped! When she screams her parents run in the rooom and sream at her daugnter. They call the doctor.
  • Rising Action

    Rising Action
    The docot comes i a hurry. Camillia doesn't want to miss the first day of school, but she must. Her parents force her in to bed and the doctor finds nothing wrong with her! She starts craving something weird... LIMA BEANS.
  • Climax

    The next day she still has the stripes, but she goes to school. The doctor said there was nothing wrong she was just covered in stripes! When they start by saying the Pledge, she turns to stars and stripes. A kid yell, "Blue!" She turns blue. Kids are yelling different things so many she become a blurry mess of colors!
  • Falling Action

    Falling Action
    She goes home early that day, and the prncipal calls home. He says that Camillia can;t come to school until her colors are gone, nobody can focus with her random changing of colors. They call the doctor again, this time he brings specialists with him, they can't diagnose anything! Hteygive many different types of pills, "Take these before bed. They should help." The told her. The next morning was the worst of her bad case of the stripes. She was a giant pill.
  • Falling Action: Part 2

    Falling Action: Part 2
    None of her clothes would, she couldn't go to school for two reasons now! Uhg she wished this would be over soon. They called the docter, again. This time he brought the... EXPERTS. The touched, poked, squeezed, and talked. Nothing, they could find nothing. She wished for some lima beans. Oh how she loves lima beans. The experts leave to do some testing. Then a sweet, little, old lady knocked on their door, "I hear your daughter has the bad case of the stripes, may I see her for a minute?"
  • Resolution

    Her parents lead the little old lady to Camillia's room. And Camillia was accually her room! Her mouth was her bed, her eyes were paintings, oh what else could go wrong? The little old lady siad, "Ah, this is a bad case of the stripes alright, I think I know what to do. Now young lady what is your name?" "Camillia." She relpied. "Camillia have you been wanting some lima beans recently?" "No I hate lima beans." But Camillia lied, she really loves lima beans. "Well, then there is really nothing...
  • Resolution: Part 2

    Resolution: Part 2
    else I can do. I am so very sorry." The little old lady left the room. Camillia felt guilty for lying, "WAIT! The truth is, I really love lima beans, but I haven't had them because I don't want to be fun of more than I already have been." The little old lady came back to her room and thanked her for telling the truth and threw some lima beans in her mouth and POOF! SHe was bak to normal! It was a merical! NOw she could go to schol and NOT be mad fun of!
  • My Funny Prediction

    My Funny Prediction
    Now I know you didn't ask for this, but I thought it would be good foor you to know my funny prediction! When Camillia went back to school all the kids were all different shapes, sizes, and colors! They asked Camillia how she got better and she said, "Lima beans my frieds, lima beans."