• exposition

    the charators - the parents, camila cream, news team, the students
    setting - the school, home
    conflict - she is covered in stripes head to toe
  • rising action

    on the first day of school camila tries on 42 dresses and none fit then when she looks in the mirror and AAAAAAHHHHHH then her mother comes in and she screames too camila looks just like a rainbow then she calls the doctor and says that can go to school tomarrow then when they say the pledge she breaks out it red white and blue
  • climax

    the doctor comes over then brings specilistes and she was poked, sqweezed, jabbed, and tested and camila thought it was quite unplesant.and they each gave camila a colerd pill bottle and said "take one before bed" and the next day she did feel differant but when she put he chlothes she was a giant pill
  • falling action

    then then the doctor brought te experts and they just made it worst with virus tails and bactira puffs then the news about this and thought it was a great scoop to try the they went though other doctors and a guru and a vet yet all falied next anotherone tried and made camila into her room
  • resolution

    a sweet 90 year old woman knocked at the door claiming that she has a soultion and pulled out beans camlia asked if they were magic and the woman said no they were lima beans and camlia said eeeeeeeeuuuuuuuu the woman said ok and started to walk away then camila shouted and said to give her the beans and then camila turned back to normal