The Unabomber

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    Ted Kaczynski: The Unabomber

    Theodore John "Ted" Kaczinski was an infamous terrorist known as the Unabomber. Called the Unabomber for his many attacks on UNiversities and Airlines. He started his bombings when he witnessed the forest around his abin being destroyed for developement and became an anarchist. He sent a total of 16 bombs, injuring 23 and killing 3 during his 20 year bombing spree from 1978 to 1995. He sent several letters containing his manifesto, which was over 50 pages long and declaired his motives.
  • Birthdate

    Ted Kaczinski was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 22, 1942
  • Career

    After graduating from Harvard Kaczinski got a job at the University of California in Berkley working as an assistant in mathmatics. He quit his job after two because he didn't see an importance in what he was teaching.
  • Lincoln. Montana

    Lincoln. Montana
    Ted Kaginsky moved to his remote cabin in Lincoln, Montana where he lived as a recluse and first decided to start his bombing spree when he saw the woods around his home getting destroyed by developement.
  • First Bombing

    The Unabomber's first bomb was sent to Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where it injured a campus police officer Terry Marker. The officer's left hand caused him to go to the hospital but he fully recovered
  • The Second Bombing

    Ted Kaczinski's second bomb was also sent to Northwestern University. It was disguised as a cigarrette box and the victim, John Harris, a graduate student, only recieved minor cuts and burns.
  • Airline Bombing Attempt

    Airline Bombing Attempt
    The Unabomber's 3rd bombing attempt.The bomb was placed in the cargo of a plane in Chicago, Illinois. Due to a faulty timing system the bomb started smoking and caused the pilot to make an emergency landing. 12 of the passangers were treated for smoke inhilation and Authorites said that the bomb would have been able to blow up the whole airplane.
  • Fourth Bombing

    The fourh bomb was sent to the United Airlines President, Percy Wood in Chicago.The bomb was disguised as a book and when opened caused damage to Mr. Wood's thigh, face , and hands.
  • Fifth Bombing

    The bomb was sent to the University of Utah in Salt Lake City where it was defused before detonation.
  • Sixth Bombing

    This bomb was sent to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. Secretary Janet Smith recieved sever injury to both her hands requiring extensive treatment.
  • Seventh Bombing

    The 7th bomb was sent to the University of Califoria in Berkley, where Kaczinski used to work. Victim Diogenes Angelakos recieved injuries to his right hand and face but nearly recovered.
  • Eighth Bombing

    This bombing was also at the University of California. Graduate student JohnHauser recieved partial loss of vision in one of his eyes and lost four of his fingers.
  • Nineth Bombing

    This bomb was sent to Auburn, Washington, but was defused.
  • Tenth Bombing

    The tenth bomb was sent to Ann Arbor, Michigan where it injured James V McConnel and Nicklaus Suino. Suino recieved shrapnel wounds and McConnel permanantly lost his hearing.
  • First Fatality

    Kaczinski's first fatal bomb was sent to Sacramento California. When appliance store owner Hugh Scrutton went to remove a board from his parking lot it exploded. Shrapnels tore through his organs and impaled his heart, creating the Unabomber's first murder.
  • Twelfth Bombing

    This bomb was sent to Salt Lake City, Utah, giving computer store owner Gary Wright severe damage to his left arm and causing him to get reconstructive surgery.
  • Thirteenth Bombing

    A bomb sent to Tiburon, Califoria cuased destruction of both ears and damage to three fingers for Charles Epstein
  • Fourteenth Bombing

    This bomb was mailed to Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut where it injured professor David Gelertner who lost vision in one of his eyes and part of his right hand.
  • Second Fatality

    This bomb was sent to North Caldwell, New Jersey, killing Kaczinski's third victim, an adertising executive namedThomas J Mosser.
  • Third Fatality

    Third Fatality
    The Unabomber's third fatality was Gilbert P Murray, a timber industry lobbyist in Sacramento, california.
  • Manifesto published

    Ted Kaczinski's manifesto was published
  • Arrested!

    Ted Kaczinski was arrested at his cabin in Lincoln, Montana where police found journal entries describing the bombings and a live bomb ready to be mailed.
  • Trial Begins

  • Wants to fire Lawyers

    Ted Kaczinski requests to fire his lawyers who wanted to try to save him from the death penalty by instisting that he was insane, which Kaczinski rejected.
  • In Court

    Kaczinski pleaded guilty to sending mail bombs and killing three people. He recieved life sentence without the possability of parol in ADX Florence in Florence, Colorodo.
  • Montana Cabin

    Montana Cabin
    The 1.4 acre area of land (not including the cabin) owned by the Unabomber is for sale for $69500