By gabita
  • Iron Act

    Iron Act
    The Iron Act is passed by the English Parliament, limiting the growth of the iron industry in the American colonies to protect the English Iron industry.
  • Adam Smith

    Adam Smith
    Smith believes that parents should decide how their children are educated and the state should give families money to hire teachers.
  • Thomas Paine

    Thomas Paine
    He suggestes that the state should provide poor families with the money to pay for basic education for their children.
  • European immigrants

    European immigrants
    European immigrants settle in rural enclaves and run their own non-English-speaking schools.
  • Independence

    Texas declares independence from Mexico
  • First Bilingual Education Law

    First Bilingual Education Law
    Ohio is the first state to adopt a bilingual education law, allowing German-English instruction at the parents' request
  • Catholic Schools

    Catholic Schools
    Public schools are anti-Catholic and Bishop John Hughes asks the Public School Society for state aid for Catholic schools. When his request is denied he decides to build his own Catholic school system with private funds.
  • Maclay Bill

    Maclay Bill
    NY legistlature passes the Maclay Bill, which bars all religious instruction from public schools and denies any state money to denominational schools.
  • Louisiana

    Louisiana passes a law similar to Ohio's, allowing French-English instruction.
  • Elections

    Nov. 6 - Lincoln elected President
  • Native Americans

    Native Americans
    Congress prohibits Native Americans from being taught in their own languages.
  • 15th Amendment

    15th Amendment
    15th Amendment Ratified, giving African Americans but not women the right to vote.
  • President Ulysses S. Grant

    President Ulysses S. Grant
    Famous speech in which he resolves, "Not one dollar.. shall be appropriated to the support of an sectarian schools."
  • Boarding School off the Reservation

    Boarding School off the Reservation
    Federal officials begin separating Native American children from their families and force them to attend boarding schools off the reservation. Students are punished when caught speaking their native language.
  • Committee of Ten

    Committee of Ten
    The committee concludes that schools should maintain a single academic curriculum and all students should master an equally rigorous curriculum.
  • Preparing for the future

    Preparing for the future
    The majority of students in urban centers are children of immigrants. Schools are called upon to prepare these students for jobs in the new urban industrial economy.
  • Wright Brothers

    Wright Brothers
    Wright Brothers First Flight
  • Required to know English

    Required to know English
    Italians, Slavs, and Jews arrive from Southern Europe. Congress passes the first federal language law- an English-speaking requirement for naturalization.
  • Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

    Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching
    The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching develops the "standard unit," eventually called the Carnegie Unit, as a common measurement of time allocated to subjects in high schools.
  • IQ Test

    IQ Test
    IQ Test is created. Psychologists begin tests for innate ability and future performance.
  • WWI

    World War I Ends
  • Career Tracking

    Career Tracking
    Many high schools switch from giving all students the classical college-prep curriculum to career tracking.
  • Election of 1932

    Election of 1932
    Franklin Roosevelt elected President
  • Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom

    Milton Friedman's Capitalism and Freedom
    Postulated that if parents could "shop" for schools, public schools would have to improve in order to attract student enrollment and tuition.
  • Office of Economic Opportunity

    Office of Economic Opportunity
    Launched the first modern voucher in Alum Rock, California
  • Lemon v. Kurtzman

    Lemon v. Kurtzman
    First Amendment was violated when state aid to pay srivate schools for teachers' salaries and instructional materials was given to schools substantially religious in character
  • Harlem Institutes

    Harlem Institutes
    New York City's District 4 in Harlem Institutes an intra-district controlled choice program, allowing students to attend any school in their district.
  • NABE

    The National Association for Bilingual Education is founded.
  • Charter schools

    Charter schools
    The birth of charter schools in Minnesota allows public funding and looser administrative requirements for new schools.
  • Proposition 187

    Proposition 187
    California passes Proposition 187, making it illegal for children of undocumented immigrants to attend public schools.
  • Increase in Numbers

    Increase in Numbers
    Nearly 1,800 charter schools are in operation in all but 13 states. 16 states have inter-district school choice in place.
  • Horace Mann

    Horace Mann
    Passes the first compulsory attendance law in the nation for children of elementary-school age.