Korea during the Power Vacuum

By v.dub
  • First Sino- Japanese War and Ruso- Japanese war

    Russia and Chian fighting Japan for power. Control of Korea.
  • Japan annexes Korea

  • Independence Movement, Rebellion in Korea

    Rebel groups fight out against the Japanese government but were greatly repressed. Thousands of killings and imprisoning of people.
  • Cairo Conference, future of Japan and all their territories

  • Surrender of Japan, End of WWII

    Japan, after being bombed by the US, officially surrendered and the WWII ended.
  • Yalta Conference

    Soviet Union and US decide to take control of Korea until a final decision was made on Korea's future of independence.
  • Soviet Union and US occupy North and South Korea

  • The US establish Republic of Korea

  • The USSR establish Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

  • Korean War

    North Korea invades South Korea. The US sends troops to fight for the South, while Chinese troops fought for the North. Three Year War.
  • End of Korean War, Fall of Economies

    Both North and South Korea have tremendous economic issues in which they appeal to their allies for assistance.
  • Repeated transfer of power to tyrannical Generals, ending in 1988

  • North and South Korea sign their first declaration on peace

  • Non-aggression, cooperatin declaration signed between N and S Korea

  • Kim Dae Jung for N. Korea and Kim Jong IL for S. Korea attend summit meeting

    Meeting was the first of a long process in coexistance
  • North Korean warship sunk by South Korea

    North Korea ship, the Chenoan was allegedly sunk by South Korea, killing 46 North Korean soldiers, thus ending pleasantries.