• The articile

    The articile
    Today is the day before Sam's birthday and he wants to take a peek at his presents. Sam climbs up the side of the house and squeezes himself into the small window.he go's around looking for his presents and sees a newspaper sticking out of a old dusty chest. Looks around the newspaper wishing he knew he could read. he sees a picture of a boy and notices that the kid has the same jacket he has. Sam then notices that that is him on the newspaper and he notices it says hes missing.
  • Caroline

    At lunch, Sam meets a new girl named Caroline. Sam sits by Caroline at lunch and starts a conversation with her. She says to Sam, "Slide over one of those gummy bears, one won't hurt my braces."
    When they get to class Sam and caroline are paired up as partners for the project. Sam had an idea. Instead of them using cardboard to make the castle, they could go to the workshop and make the castle out of wood.
  • The Birthday

    The Birthday
    Today is sams birthday and he still couldn't figure out where his presents were! But finaly, when it was time to celebrate his birthday,Anima walked to the kitchen and over to the oven. Anima opened the oven and took out a square package wrapped in blue wrapping paper and set it on the table.He tore it open and took out a book that had dozens of wood projects. He went over to Anima and said, "Your the best."
  • Sams Dream #1

    Sams Dream #1
    Sam dreamed about getting caught in eleven and strage banging on the door. They were banging them open and close. Then he hears footsteps getting closer to him saying his name and asking him where he was.
  • Thinking about...

    Thinking about...
    Sam sat and though if all three of them knew about the newspaper clipping, Onji, Mack, and Anima. He wondered if he should investigate where he really came from and is supposed to be. He wondered if he should tell caroline that he could read. Sam had many questions to ask. But yet, very little time for each one with everything going on at once.
  • Sam's dream #2

    Sam's dream #2
    Cold and freezing air was surrounding sam. Swimming so fast, he didn't even have time to take a breath. He had spray on his face and eyes. Breathing heavily with Night Cat beside him. Water so dark, he could hardly see the chunks of ice spinning and crashing into eachother beneath him. A house with dark shiny windows and a flag dug into land right next to the side. And high up over his head, was the number eleven. He put his hands over his face and closed his eyes.
  • Back in the attic PART 1

    Back in the attic PART 1
    Sam and Caroline get off the bus and sam notices Macks truck. Sam had told Caroline about his reading problems and the newspaper clipping. They both head to the woood workroom. They take out the picture of the castle and Caroline takes out a green journal and sketches the design for the castle. Caroline asks Sam about the newspaper clipping and tells her that they would have to wait until Mack leaves the house so they could sneak up into the attic.
  • Back in the attic PART 2

    Back in the attic PART 2
    Sam walks into Macks room and opens his drawer. he shuffles through some keys and looks for the smallest one that would fit the chest. He grabs a key and gets up onto Macks bed. He jumps up and grabs the rope to The attic and yanks it down. Once the attic was open, they climb up into the attic. Sam tries putting the key into the chest but it wouldn't fit. He climbs down the attic and runs into the workroom. Sam grabs a hammer and screw driver and runs back up into the attic. He puts----->
  • Back in the attic PART 3

    Back in the attic PART 3
    Sam puts the screw driver into the key hole and hits the back of the screw driver and breaks the lock open.He opens the chest and Caroline reaches in and pulls out the first thing she saw, a picture of a sail boat. She says its beautiful and then hands it to Sam to look at it. Sam looks around the picture then sets it down. Sam reaches in and pulls out the newspaper clipping. It says "Sam Bell, missing! He was last seeing in a boat tipping until the edge could almost touch the surface of the--->
  • Back in the attic PART 4

    Back in the attic PART 4
    water." Sam sat there, Silent. He heard footsetps coming from out side. Without fixing anything, they slid down the stairs to the attaic and closed it. They raced down to the workroom and the door opened. Right on time. Mack came in and said "Hey kids, hungry? i can get you a snack from Onji's?" "No thanks, i can just go down there and get a coffee myself."
  • Sams dream #3

    Sams dream #3
  • The end

    The end
    Sam finds out that it was his parents that had gone missing and that Mack though it would be a good idea to give him his dads name. Caroline ends up not moving at all and noe Caroline can give sam a ride home now and their castle project got a A. So good for them, and now everyone is happy.