A rose for Emily

  • Father dies

    Emily's father passes away
  • Emily gets sick

    Getting older and not taking care of her self she ends up getting really sick.
  • Smell

    The four men cross into emilys lawn and slunt about the house. They broke open the cellar door and sprinkled lime all over.
  • Poison

    Emily headed over to the druggiest. Bought some posion but had trouble getting it.
  • China painting

    Emily was in here 40's giving lessons on how to do china painting.
  • Taxes

    Emily remitted her taxes
  • collect taces

    Emily tries to collect her taxes but they wont let her.
  • Emilys Death

    Emily dies of old age and was very sick at the time
  • Emilys funeral

    Two days after emilys death the ladies hold her a funeral