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Miller.Robert E Lee

  • A Born Leader

    A Born Leader
    Robert E Lee is born in the big Staford Hall in West Moore,Virginia. His family is turning poor and his father has just gone to debtors prison.
  • Period: to

    Events of his life

  • Henry Lee

    Henry Lee was George's Lee fathe. He left Lee money before he died and he helped Lee start his militart career.
  • Outwitting the Enemy

    In 1848 Robert E Lee outwitted the Mexican Force around Mexico City. By his outstanding tactics he allowed General Scott to openly take Mexico City. When the war ended he got high honors for his deeds.
  • Powerful Asset

    Powerful Asset
    Jefferson Davis is elected president of the Confederate States of America. Great Asset for the Confederate Cause.
  • Great Friend

    Jefferson Davis is a great friend of Lee during the war. He was the president of the Confederacy and helped leave out of some tight spots.
  • Call of Duty

    Robert was in a bad position. He was trapped in Texas while all of bthe southern states where seceding from the Union. Lee did not know if he should join his native state of Virginia or stay with the U.S. He had many talks with his fellow generals and friends. He finally made his decision on Apiril 20,1861. He chose to resign from the U.S. Army and join The Condederacy.
  • George Mc.

    George Mc. Helped lee gain alot of credit and fame. Lee almost always defeated him in battle.
  • The Virginia Army

    Robert E Lee had a hard time in getting command of the Army of Virginia. He had to prove himself in many battles against the union commander Mclelland. Lee had to outwit him and outrun him in many situations in order to beat him. After a year of battle Lee got the job.
  • Enemy Alive

    Enemy Alive
    U.S. Grant named General of the United States forces. Lee reconizes this as a threat even though he doesn't know much abount him.
  • Fall of a Country

    Fall of a Country
    Atlanta Falls The Confederacy loses a keyy city for both the army and the navy. The war is nearly lost for the Confederates.
  • Death of a Hero

    Death of a Hero
    Robert E Lee died on October 12 1870. His heath had finally caught up with him and exhaustion had over taken him. His last act was to contribute the needed funds to provide a salary for a church worker.