Famous Chemist Timeline

  • John Dalton

    John Dalton was born in Cumberland, England.
  • Period: to

    Famous Chemist timeline

  • Dalton College

    John Dalton went to Harvard College and graduated with a major in Chemistry.
  • Dalton- Discovery

    John Dalton discovered the atom. He discribed them as tiny particles that could not be devided. He said that each element contained a different type of atom.
  • Dalton- Award

    Became a member of the Royal Society and later was awarded a state pension.
  • Joseph Jon Thomson- Birth

    Born near Manchester, England.
  • Max Karl Ernest Ludwig Planck- Birth

    Max was born in Kiel, Germany.
  • Robert Andrews Millikan Birth

    Robert Andrews Millikan Birth
    He was born in Morrison, USA
  • Ernest Rutherford- Birth

    he was born in New Zealand
  • Plank- College

    Max went to the University of Munich and graduated with a major in Physics. He completed his four year degree at the University of Munich and continued on to teach at the college as a professor.
  • Neils Henrik David Bohr- Birth

    Neils Henrik David Bohr- Birth
    Bohr was born in Copenhagen, Denmark
  • James Chadwick- Birth

    James Chadwick- Birth
    James chadwick was born in Bollington, England on October 20, 1891.
  • Millikan- College

    Millikan- College
    Atttended Oberlin college in 1891. He got his bachelors degreein the classics. Then he got his doctorate in physics from Columbia University in 1895.
  • Planck's Discovery

    Max Planck discovered Quantum Machanics. He used heat and radation on materials. He drew conclusions from radiating atoms. Quantum literally means that energy is always emitted or absorbed in units. Plancks discovery helped to determine the amount of energy each electron cloud can hold. The formula for Plancks discovery is E=HV where H is a constant, V is frequency and E is energy.
  • Period: to

    Plack- Discovery

    Developed quantum Theory
  • Thomson- Discovery

    Discovery of Electrons and Isotopes
  • Thomson- Award

    Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of the electron.
  • Rutherford- Discovery

    detecor caoable of detecting modle of the atom.
    he was the first scientist to spit the atom.
  • Rutherford- Award

    Nobel peace prize in chemistry
  • Bohr-Discovery

    Bohr expanded on Rutherford's idea and figured out that the electrons travel only in successfully larger orbits in the hydrogen atom.
  • Planck's Nobel Prize

    Planck was awarded a Nobel Prize in physics for his discovery concerning the Quantum Theory.
  • Millikan- Discovery

    Millikan- Discovery
    The Oil Drop Experiment and the charge of an electron
  • Millikan- Awards

    Millikan- Awards
    Nobel peace Prize
  • Chadwick- Discovery

    Chadwick- Discovery
    James Chadwick proved the existence of Nutrons in 1932.
  • Chadwick- Awards

    Chadwick- Awards
    Huges medal of the royal society
  • Chadwick- Awards

    Chadwick- Awards
    In 1935, James Chadwick won a Nobel prize in Physics
  • Bohr- Award

    Bohr- Award
    Bohr was rewarded an "Atoms for Peace" Prize