The Crucible

By mbailey
  • Event 1

    Event 1
    The story opens to Betty laying in her bed, not being able to move. With Rev. Parris at her side, Susanna tells that the doctor can not find any natural causes for her sickness. This is when the first thoughts of witch craft appear. Abigail is questioned on the time the girls had in the forest with Tituba. It is thought to believe that this is when the devil first comes to Salem.
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    The Crucible

    The Crucible by Arthur Miller
  • Died in prison

    Died in prison
    *Sarah Osborn
    *Roger Toothacer
    *Lydia Dustin
    *Ann Foster
    *As many as 13 more
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    Salem Witch Hunt

    Salem Witch Trials The Salem Witch Trials occured in Salem, Mass. in 1692. Many innocent people lost their lives because of this fiasco. We are still not sure in what caused this outbreak.
  • Hanging

    *Bridget Bishop
  • Hanging

    *Rebecca Nurse
    *Sarah Good
    *Susanah Martin
    *Elizabeth Howe
    *Sarah Wildes
  • Hanging

    *George Burroughs
    *Martha Carrier
    *John Willard
    *George Jacobs, Sr.
    *John Proctor
  • Pressed

    *Giles Corey
  • Hanging

    *Martha Corey
    *Mary Eastey
    *Ann Pudeator
    *Alice Parker
    *Wilmott Redd
    *Margaret Scott
    *Samuel Wardwell
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    McCarthy "Witch Hunts"

    McCarthy The McCarthy "witch hunts" are not what they seem to be. This was a political stunt pulled by Senator Joe McCarthy to occuse communist political figures. By showing a list of 205 members names to the nearest camera, caused 400 Americans to be sent to jail without a fair trial, and thousands to loose their jobs.