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Mee's life

  • Born

    Mee was born in 1938
  • Hight school

    Hight school
    Mee took attitude test, he score was 42
  • He got the virus

    He picked up the virus in Boulder
  • He got polio

    He got polio
  • Religion

    Mee gave up his Religion
  • His pain Subsided

    His fever and pain started to subside, and he can hear the words his mother spoke. His friend brought some copies of magazine and his teacher gave him some copies of Plato
  • Rehabilitation

    Sister Kenny Treatment : brought warmth to the muscles
  • Elizabeth Kenney's warmth blanket

    Elizabeth Kenney's warmth blanket
    Mee started to get warmth blanket treatment
  • First walk

    This was Mee first walk
  • Mrs. Jones

    Mrs Jones stretched out his muscle and massaged them
  • freedom

    Mee was able to turn over in bed by himself
  • Wheelchair

    Mae could sit in a wheelchair
  • occupational therapists

    occupational therapists
    Mee had to praticed in occupational therapists
  • Crutchs

    Me first crutches were the familiar wooden ones.
  • Weekend

    Mee was home for weekend
  • swimming pool

    Mee's mother took him to swimming pool
  • First staying at home

    Mee stayed at home from hospital
  • Thanksgiving

    Aunt Douga encouraged Mee to write something about polio
  • Driver's license

    Mee got driver license
  • A Call

    Mee called to MOSCOW
  • Dr. Blount

    Mee had a surgery