Rose For Emily Timeline

  • Father's death

    Emily's father dies at the dinner table
  • Emily meets Homer Baron

    Emily meets Homer Baronand begins dating him.
  • Emily buys poison

    Emily buys arsenic to poison Homer with.
  • Homer Baron not seen.

    People figured he headed home without word, but he was really dead in Ms. Emilys house.
  • Strange Smell

    Homer Baron hasnt been seen, And men had to sprinkle lime around Ms. Emily's house to stop a horrible smell is coming from within. Hmmmm...
  • Smell subsides

    Homer stopped rotting
  • Emily begins china painting lessons.

    Emily begins china painting lessons.
    Other than teaching china painting, people really have no idea what Ms. Emily is up to nowadays.
  • Emily's taxes remitted

    Emily's taxes remitted
    Because of her poor living conditions, her taxes are remitted.
  • New generations tries to collect her taxes.

    Emily lives on alone and when the next generation begins to run the city she lives in, they try to get her to pay taxes. She refuses.
  • Emily dies

    Emily dies
    She finally dies, Homer Barons carcass is still in her bed, and people eventually discover it.
  • Homer Baron discovered

    Emily's cousins wish to explore a room that hasn't been seen in years. Homer Baron's corpse is found laying in the bed next to where Emily sleeps.
  • The book "A Rose For Emily" published

    William Faulkner published this controversial story in 1930.