The Great Depression

  • prohibition begins

    prohibition begins
    Beginning in the 19th century lots of people, mostly women, blamed many of society's problems upon alcohol. With great hope of bettering society, organizations were formed to advocate against the consumption of alcohol.
  • teapot dome scandle

    teapot dome scandle
    One of the politicains who opposed the conservation was a Senator Albert B. Fall who soon became Warren Harding's Secretary of the Interior in 1921.Becoming the Secretary of the Interior, convinced Secretary of the Navy Edwin Denby to turn the control of the oil fields over to him.
  • President Coolidge is elected

    President Coolidge is elected
    On November 4, 1924,Coolidge was elected President of the U.S.. Vice President Coolidge had assumed the office of the presidency the year before after President Warren Harding had his death.
  • The spirit of St.Louis takes off

    The spirit of St.Louis takes off
    Charles Lindbergh gunned the engine of the "Spirit of St Louis" and aimed down the dirt runway of Roosevelt Field, Long Island.
  • The spirit in St.louis lands in Paris

    The spirit in St.louis lands in Paris
    Lindbergh studied with fascination the World War I flying exploits of French ace Rene Fonck who had shot 75 German planes in the war.
  • president hoover is elected

    president hoover is elected
    Elected with the mandate to continue, Hoover immidiately faced the Great Stock Market Crash, followed by the beginning of the Depression.
  • Black Tuesday

    Black Tuesday
    Most famous stock market crash in history.
  • Prohibition ends

    Prohibition ends
    Prohibition completely ended with the ratificaton of the 21st Amendment to the US Constitution.
  • Dust bowl years

    Dust bowl years
    The dirt storms were fewer in 1934, it was the year which brought the Dust Bowl national attention
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected

    Franklin D. Roosevelt is elected
    At the depth of the Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt helped the American people regain faith in themselves.