A Rose for Emily

  • The Father's Death

    Emily's father died in 1862.
  • Homer's Arrival

    Homer arrived to pave the sidewalks.
  • Emily buys poison

    Emily buys arsenic to poison Homer with.
  • Homer disappearance

    Homer Barron disappeared in 1864. He was last seen going into Emily's house, but he didn't ever come back out.
  • Men put lime around house

    The men put lime around Emily's house because theres a terrible smell coming from it.
  • weird smell

    A weird smell comes from Emily's house. They think that theres a dead rat or snake in her yard.
  • Taxes remitted

    Colonel Sartoris tells Emily her father lent money to the town, so she doesn't have to pay taxes.
  • Tried to Collect Taxes

    Men tried to collect taxese from Emily, but she refused and told them to talk to Colonel Sartoris.
  • Emily's Death

    Emily dies around 1906.
  • Homer's skeleton is found

    After Emily's death, they find Homer's skeleton in the bed upstairs. Along with Emily's hair on the pillow next to him.