Alice Song India

  • 320

    Classical Age

    Classical Age
    North India was reunited during the Classical Age. There was restoration of peace, law, order, and the religion of Hinduism. It was a time when culture thrived, and the people of the land sought to retain political confidence, achievements in religion, education, mathematics, art, and Sanskrict Literature.
  • A Hindu monastery is founded

    A Hindu monastery is founded
  • First Book of Algebra

    First Book of Algebra
    A Hindu mathematician, Aryabhata wrote the first book of Algebra, known as "Aryabhatiya." There are four chapters, written in Sanskrit, containing 154 verses. The 1st chapter is on astronomical constants and the sine table. The 2nd contains computations and formulas. The 3rd consists of the division of time and rules for calculating the longitudes of planets using eccentrics and ellipses. The 4th is the armillary sphere, and rules relating to problems of trigonometry and calculating eclipses.