Chapter 25

Timeline created by marix122
  • Period: to

    Red Scare

  • Prohibition

    Eighteenth amendment ratified.
  • Red Scare

    Red Scare
    US Agents arrest 1700 in red scare raids
  • Federal Spending

    Federal Spending
    Budget Bureau set up to oversee federal spending.
  • Mail

    Transcontinental airmail service inaugurated.
  • Women

    19th Amendment Ratified.
  • WWJ-Detroit

    WWJ-Detroit broadcasts first commercial radio program.
  • Time Magazine

    Time Magazine
    Henry Luce begins publishing time magazine.
  • KKK

    Newspaper exposes KKK Graft, Torture, and murder.
  • Veterans

    Veteran's World War I bonus bill passed.
  • Teapot

    Senate Probes Teapot Dome Scandal
  • Election of 1924

    Election of 1924
    Coolidge vs. Davis vs. La Follette Coolidge Victory
  • National Quota

    National Quota
    National Origins Quota Act restricts immigration from europe and bans immigration from asia.
  • Scopes

    John scopes convicted of violating tenessee law by teaching evelution in school.
  • Martha Graham

    Martha Graham
    First Martha Graham modern dance recital
  • Charles Lindbergh

    Charles Lindbergh
    Charles Lindbergh completes first nonstop transatlantic flight from new york to paris.
  • Coolidge

    Coolidge vetoes farm price control bill.
  • Sacco and Vanzetti

    Sacco and Vanzetti
    Sacco and Venzetti executed.
  • The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer
    the movie, The Jazz Singer features singing-talking soundtrack.
  • Election of 1928

    Election of 1928
    Herbert C. Hoover vs. Alfred E. Smith Hoover is victorious!