Rosa Parks

By riyadh
  • Rosa in her teenage years

    Rosa in her teenage years
    Leona saved every penny so Rosa can enter a private school because private schools in that time was better. Schools are segregated in that time there are (black peoples school and white peple schools).
  • In her 20s

    In her 20s
    Raymond is a rich man who met Rosa but she wsn't impressed about his flashy car. Rosa's mother Leona told her to go with him. And Rosa impressed about him.

    Rosa wanted to join the NAACP but her husband didnt think that it's a good idea. But she didnt quit and she became a chapter secretary.
  • creating public support

    creating public support
    Rosa parks took her job seriously. she kept books, wrote and mailed, and press release. And at every turn, drummed up new memmbers. If Rosa parks didn't take the job seriously she would be kicked out from NAACP.
  • Arrested

    The bus driver said that he well call the police. Rosa said call them, so he called them likety split, the police cane and arrested Rosa.
  • Enough is Enough!

    Enough is Enough!
    It was rush hour and Rosa was exhausted. And Rosa found a seat so she sat on it. The bus stopped in an another place to pick up passengers six white men payed therer fare five of them found there seat easly one of them didn't. as the law every black person have to give there seat to a white person. the bus knew Rosa , and he knew that she break the law. the bus driver told Rosa to give her seat but she is an iron will women ,and said to him NO!.
  • no more segregation

    no more segregation
    E.D nixon was impressed what did Rosa parks done in the bus. and it helped to change the law. If Rosa parks had gave her seat to a white man she wouldn't pound out the segregation