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  • Eighteenth Amendment

    Eighteenth Amendment
    This amendment was passed and prohibited the sale and consumption of alcohol.
  • Red Scare

    Red Scare
    U.S. agents arrested 1700 in the Red Scare raids.
  • Nineteenth Amendment

    Nineteenth Amendment
    This amendment was ratified and granted women's suffrage.
  • Transcontinental airmail service

    Transcontinental  airmail service
    This service was inaugurated and it provided mail to be shipped to other continents.
  • Budget Bureau created

    Budget Bureau created
    This bureau was set up to oversee federal spending.
  • WWJ -Detroit broadcast

    WWJ -Detroit broadcast
    This station was the first commercial radio program.
  • The Waste Land is published

    The Waste Land is published
    Eliot wrote this poem about profound despair.
  • Time Magazine

    Time Magazine
    Henry Luce begins publishing Time magazine.
  • KKK

    Newspapers began exposing Ku Klux Klan graft, torture, and murder.
  • Equal Rights Amendment

    Equal Rights Amendment
    The NWP proposed this amenmdent to give women more rights.
  • Teapot Dome scandal

    Teapot Dome scandal
    Two oil promoters gave Al Fall nearly four hundred thousand in loans and bribes; in return, he helped them secure leases on naval oil reserves in Elk Hills, California, and Teapot Dome, Wyoming.
  • Bonus Bill

    Bonus Bill
    The Veteran's World War I bonus bill was passed. This payed for insurance policies.
  • National Origins Quota Act

    National Origins Quota Act
    This act was passed and restricted immigration from Europe and banned immigration from Asia.
  • The Great Gatsby is published

    The Great Gatsby is published
    F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote this book about the roaring twenties.
  • Scopes Trial

    Scopes Trial
    John Scopes was convicted of teaching the theory of evolution in violation of Tennesse law.
  • Lindbergh

    Charles Linbergh completed first nonstop transatlantic flight from New York to Paris.
  • Execution of Italian anarchists

    Execution of Italian anarchists
    Sacco and Vanzetti were executed for murder without a trial.
  • The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer
    This movie was the first to feature a singing talking soundtrack.
  • Farm-control bill

    Farm-control bill
    Coolidge vetoed this bill because he didn't want government intervention.
  • Election

    Herbert Hoover defeated Al Smith in this election.