Prince George's County corruption cases

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  • FBI begins investigation

    FBI agents discovered Prince George's County-based real estate developers and their associates were regularly providing things of value to public officials in exchange for official acts that were favorable to these individuals and their companies.
  • Johnson awards millions in contracts to friends

    A Washington Post investigation revealed that 15 of Johnson's friends and political supporters had been awarded more than 50 county contracts worth more than $3 million.
  • Johnson begins receiving checks

    The FBI believes Johnson began receiving checks - including one for $100,000 from the developer - as early as 2007, according to court documents.
  • Johnson's driver shoots deliverymen

    A county police officer who once served as Johnson's driver was charged in the shooting of two unarmed deliverymen. One of the men shot was killed. The officer, Keith Washington, was the senior homeland security official for Prince George's County. He was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2008 and sentenced to 45 years in prison.
  • Wiretaps begin

    The FBI begins tapping Johnson's phone.
  • Evidence against Johnson on video

    The FBI videotaped a meeting between Johnson and a developer who gave him $5,000 to receive federal funds from the county for development contracts.
  • 10:10 a.m., FBI agents arrive at Johnson's home

    Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson told his wife, Leslie, to put "the cash" in her underwear and to flush a $100,000 check down the toilet, shortly before they were both arrested and charged with tampering with a witness and evidence relating to the commission of a federal offense in connection and destruction, alteration and falsification of records in a federal investigation.
  • FBI agents confront Johnson

    Shortly before his arrest Friday the FBI videotaped a developer giving $15,000 to Johnson during another meeting.
    After witnessing the exchange, FBI agents walked into the room, identified themselves and asked Johnson about the money.
    Johnson told FBI agents that the money was for a party to mark the end of his term as county executive and denied having any business dealings with the developer.
  • 3 Prince George's County cops arrested

    Three Prince George's County police officers were arrested for extortion and drug trafficking, says a U.S. attorney, just days after County Executive Jack Johnson's corruption allegations.
  • Johnson's scheduled court hearing

    Jack and Leslie Johnson will appear in U.S. District Court to enter their pleas.