Andy Davis v. HappyLand, Co.

  • Quinn Brown comes up with Princess Beads

  • Lee Davis dies in car accident

  • Tristan Frost applies for HappyLand position

  • Tristan Frost starts working at HappyLand under alias

  • Andy Davis takes Joey to Doctor

    Done to find out about breathing episode; doctor recommends taking Joey to specialist
  • Andy Davis loses supermaket job

  • Princess Beads Green-Lit by Blake Lexington

  • First Development Breakthrough by QB's Team

    1,5-pentandiol discovered
  • BL informs board of 1,5-pentanediol

    The date is approx
  • BL calls QB to push his team to finish team

  • Memo from HL board sent to Blake Lexington

    It said if he didn't turn situation around, he would be thrown out of position as CEO
  • Change to 1,4-butanediol made

  • Supposed Swift note given to BL, according to Frost

    Swift note claimed 1,4-butanediol not as safe as it was claimed
  • Marketing Campaign Begins for Princess Beads

  • Tristan Frost told by editor to finish HL story by september!

    would lose job if Frost did not come up with something quick!
  • Princess Beads begins being sold online

  • Andy buys Princess Beads for daughter

  • Hillary Davis' Birthday; Andy gives her Princess Beads

  • Andy informs Brett Miller to pay close attention to Joey and PB

  • Positive reports of sales and demographic come in

  • JOEY'S DEATH, 2 pm

  • Frost breaks the HL story on the news

  • BL receives call from Zimmer about PB safety

    production of princess beads also stops this day
  • BL sends email to all employees announcing PB stopsale

  • Andy speaks to Blake Lexington over the phone

  • Andy finds out PB caused Joey's death

  • Recall for PB issued

  • Frost's deadline for finding a good HL story

  • Under subpoena, Frost gives investigators all docs aside from Swift Note

  • Finall finds Swift note and gives it to investigators