Henry Ford

  • Henry Ford was born.

    Henry Ford was born on July 30th, 1863 in Dearborn, Michigan.
  • Ford's mother dies

    Mother is dead.
  • Ford becomes machinist

    Becomes an apprentice machinist in Detroit with James F. Flower and Bros.
  • Ford returns home

    Henry Ford returns home to work on family farm.
  • Ford is married

    Henry marrys Clara Ala Bryant
  • Edison Illuminating Company

    Henry Ford becomes an engineer at Edison Illuminating Company.
  • Ford's only child

    Henry's only child is born.
  • Ford Quadricycle

    Completed the self-propelled vehicle.
  • The second vehicle

    Ford builds his second vehicle. meets with Edison. Edison approves experiment.
  • Opens Auto Company

    Henry Founded the Detroit Automobile Company.
  • Company closes

    Ford had to close the dealership down cause of low quality and high prices.
  • Ford's thrid auto design

    Ford builds a 26-horsepower vehicle.
  • Birth of Henry Ford Company

    Henry Ford Company was born.
  • Ford's fourth design

    Ford produces a 80-horsepower racer "999".
  • Ford leaves company

    Ford leaves Henry Ford Company. Becomes Cadillac Automobile Company.
  • Henry Ford's Death

    Henry Ford dies at age 83.