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America in WW1

  • Period: to

    World War 1 "The War To End All Wars"

    Allied Forces-Britain,France,Russia, Italy, US Axis- Germany,Austia,Ottman Empire
  • Period: to

    War Economy

    Wages for most protucts rose and much as 20%. Most lost about 35% of there power because of inflation. Worker Unions increased over 4 million in 1919 and was at 2.5 million in 1916.
  • Commitee on Public Informantion

    Commitee on Public Informantion
    CPI was created to make propoganda to use on U.S. citizens to buy war bonds or join the war
  • War Industries Board

    War Industries Board
    War Industries Board established in 1917 under the control of Bernard M. Baruch. It increased U.S. protuction by 20%. WIB was a company used to regulate the economey into the intrests of War effort.
  • Attacks on Civil Liberties

    Attacks on Civil Liberties
    American Immagrents were racialy discriminated and attacked because of heritage or color. Espionage and Sedition Acts- a person could be fined up to $10,000 and put for 20 year in jail if interferad with draft. The law Violated the 1st Amandment.
  • Nation War Labor Board

    Nation War Labor Board
    NWLB formed to deal with management and labor. Use "Work or Fight" method. Banned Child Labor and improved working conditions.