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History of Air Travel to the Present

  • First Air Flight

    First Air Flight
    The first successful air flight was in a hot air balloon. In 1783 a few men invented the first flying machine by making the hot air balloon.
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright Invent Huge Kite

    Orville and Wilbur Wright Invent Huge Kite
    In 1899 they made a large, two wing kite. After experimenting for a while on unmanned gliders, they made a glider where the pilot would control the airplane in the air.
  • Wright Brothers Become First People to Fly Airplane

    Wright Brothers Become First People to Fly Airplane
    In December of 1903, the Wright Brothers became the first people to successfully fly a plane with a person in it. The plane flew one hundred twenty feet and flew only about twelve seconds. They had three successful flights that day, but Wilbur made the longest flight of 892 feet and stayed up for about 59 seconds. In 1903 the Wright Brothers made their first powered airplane that they named the "flyer."
  • Boeing Company Established

    Boeing Company Established
    In 1916, Boeing Company established being oldest airplane company.
  • First Transatlantic Flight

    First Transatlantic Flight
    John Alcock and Arthur Whitten Brown first flew the Atlantic Ocean non-stop in 1919.
  • First Passenger International Flight

    First Passenger International Flight
    In 1939, Pan Am Airwats operated the first flight with their 707 on a transatlantic flight. They connected many cities in Europe to American cities.
  • First 747 Flight

    First 747 Flight
    In the year 1969, the 747 airplane came into service replacing the 707 flying over the atlantic.
  • Airbus Founded

    Airbus Founded
    In the year 1970, the Airbus company was founded in France. It would manufacture amazing airplane up to this date such as A320, A340, etc.
  • Concord Enters Service

    Concord Enters Service
    The concord enters service, flying internationally connecting America to Europe with only a few hours of flight time!
  • 777 Enters Service

    777 Enters Service
    In 2004, the 777 entered service, automatically being leased and purchased by many airline companies. Today, the 777 is one of the leading trans-atlantic flight planes.