1776: Declaration of Independence

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  • Declaration of Independence

  • Articles of confedeation endorsed by the continental congress and submitted to the colonies for ratification

  • Articles of confederation officially "in force" after ratification by the colonies

  • Treaty of paris is signed by the Great Britain and the United States, ending the revolutionary war. Senate ratifies in 1784

  • Land ordinance of 1785 pass by the congress provies for rectangular survey dividing northwestern territories into town ships.

  • Ordinance of religious freedom adopted by the virginia legislature written by Thomas Jefferson.

  • Daniel shays leads a rebellion of 1200 men in an attack against federal arsenal in Springfield.

  • Constititional convention assembles in phiadelphia

  • Nothwest ordinance enacted by congress provides for the eventual incorporation of three to five new states in the northwest territories

  • The great compromise is presented by Roger Sherman, reconciling the virginia and new jersey plans.

  • constitution is endorsed by congress and sent to state legislatures for ratication

  • Federalist papers begin to be published

  • the constitution is in effect after receiving the approval of the requisite nine states.

  • the bill of rights is submitted by congress to the states for ratification

  • Thomas Jefferson officially named secretary of state

  • George washington is elected first president of the united states. John adams is vice president.

  • war and treasury departments are established by congress.

  • Federal judiciary act is passes by congress creates a six man supreme court with a chief justice and five associate justicies.

  • The bill of rights is ratified

  • The principle of judicial review is established by the supreme court in marbury v. Madison.