90's - 2000's Tech Impact

  • DVD Player

    DVD Player
    It is said that not one single person can be credited with the creation of the DVD player, although the first was introduced in 1996 by a company you may recognize as Toshiba. The push for its introduction came about when discs began to be primary source for holding data.
  • iMac G3

    iMac G3
    Invented by Danny Coster with Macintosh in association with Apple/Steve Jobs. Part of its accomplishment was making computers do away with floppy discs, and more use friendly and affordable.
  • Nintendo 64

    Nintendo 64
    The Nintendo 64 was created by Hiroshi Yamauchi. The N64 was said to be a thing of "science fiction" as it greatly pushed the tech world forward. Similar gaming systems displayed graphics in 8 bit, and seemingly struggled to do so. The N64 was already at a whopping 64 bits!
  • Nokia 'Brick' Phone

    Nokia 'Brick' Phone
    The Nokia phone was first unveiled in Germany in 2001 by the company Copenhagen Nokia. The phone was ahead of its time with new features for a phone included SMS text messaging which was a much quicker way to send messaging. The phone had other features rare for its time including a calculator, stop watch and some games.
  • iPod 4th Generation

    iPod 4th Generation
    The iPod was created by Steve Jobs and Tony Fadell. The iPod was the first of its kind that pushed the tech world forward. The iPod promised to allow for its programs to compress CD files to digital files and put onto one device. This essentially paved the way for CD's to become obsolete.