US Space Program:The Last Frontier

By huertad
  • National Security Act

    Changed Army Air Force into U. S. Air Force
  • Yeager Breaks Sound Barrier

    Yeager Breaks the Sound Barrier at Muroc in X-1
  • Testing of Atomic Bomb

    1st momentous event of Cold War - Soviets have access to atomic bomb
  • Soviets Launch Sputnik

    Second momentous event of Cold War
  • National Aeronautics and Space Act is signed into law by President Eisenhower

  • NASA opens for Business with First Administrator T.Keith Glennan

  • Original 7 Astronauts for Project Mercury Announced

  • 1st Man in Space - Russian Yuri Gagarin

    Russian astronauts had to land on the ground.
  • Alan Shepard - 1st US Man in space

    Short flight, did not orbit the earth...John Glenn said the Rusisian beat us to space.
  • First Man on Moon -Neil Armstrong

    The eagle has landed.