the amendments

By pdog87
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  • the first amendment

    the first amendment had the rights of the people. they were the freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petiton
  • the second amendment

    This amendment gave the people the right to bear arms which means to own a weapon which in this case a gun.
  • The third amendment

    the third amendments does not allow the government to put troops in your house
  • the fourth amendment

    It doesnt allow the athority to search or sieze your property with out a warrent
  • the fifth amendment

    it gives you a right to a speedy fair trial.
  • the sixth amendment

    the sixth amendment it gives you a right to a speedy fair trial..
  • the seventh amendment

    this amendment has to do with civil suits
  • the 8th amendment

    It says you cant give a realy cruel and unusual punishment
  • the ninth amendment

    This amendment makes sure that the people have some power in our country
  • the tenth amendment

    this amendment gives the states some powers
  • the 11th amendmet

    allows the states to be sued by another state or country in federal court
  • the 12th amendment

    allowed us to vote for the electors ane then the electors voted for the president and vice president
  • the 13th amendment

    this amendment was passed to get rid of slavery in the country.
  • the 14th amendment

    this amendment says that the state cant give a citizen of the us rights away.
  • thew 15th amendment

    it is saying that we are allowed to vote.
  • the 16th amendment

    this amendment makes us pay a tax on the money we make.
  • the 17th amendment

    it says there are two senators from each state and they serve a six year term
  • the 18th amendment

    this amendment says that acohol is prohibited
  • the 19th amendment

    gave the woment the right to vote
  • the 20th amendment

    it talks about when the presidentail terms end and when the representatives and senators terms end.
  • the 21st amendment

    this amendment repealed the 18th amendment
  • the 22nd amendment

    this alows the presidents to have only two terms.
  • the 23rd amendment

    it give Washington D.C. electors to vote for the president
  • the 24th amendment

    this takes away taxes on the voting polls for any election or other things we may vote for.
  • the 25th amendment

    it allows us to kick out the president if we think he is disable to preform his job anymore
  • the 27th amendment

    this says that congress can raise there salaries but it will take place after the next election of congress.
  • the 26th amendment

    it allows 18 year olds or older to vote in elections.