The American Revolution 1775-1778 Alana and Geraldine

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    The American Revolution

  • Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

    Midnight Ride of Paul Revere
    Silversmith and Patriot, Paul Revere rode to Concord to warn the colonists. He was telling them that the British were coming from Boston to arrest Hankock and Adams and to take the Colonial weapons stored in Concord.
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    Battles of Lexington and Concord
    "The Shot Heard Around The World" and the battle began. The Americans technically won this battle and this was the starting point of the Revolutionary War.
  • The Second Continental Congress

    The Second Continental Congress
    This meeting of the colonial delegates occured at the State House in Philadelphia. During this meeting they made many important decisions having to do with the upcoming war. They established the Continental Army at this meeting.
  • Commander in Chief Named

    Commander in Chief Named
    George Washington was named the Commander in Chief for the Continental Army. He was nominated by John Adams and chose to work with no pay.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    This battle was fought on the Charlestown Penninsula on the North side of Boston Harbor. After three atteptms the British finally found victory. Even though they won this battle 1,000 redcoats were wounded or killed while Americans only lost 400.
  • Common Sense published

    Common Sense published
    Common Sesnse was a panphelet written by Thomas Paine that persuaded many colonists to side with the patriots. The pamphlet talked about how the British only in it for themselves and how we didnt need them.
  • Congress creates/makes Declaration of Independence

    Congress creates/makes Declaration of Independence
    Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independance with a preamble and three main parts. The first part talked about natural rights, the rights that belong to every person from birth. The next part of the Declaration says all the "British Wrongs" that made the Americans want to break away from Britan. The final part of the Declaration declares the colonies an independant nation seperate from Britan.
  • Battle of Long Island

    Battle of Long Island
    The Battle of Long Island was the first formal battle of the American Revelution. The British won this battle, killing, wounding and capturing 1400 americans. This showed the americans they needed more training in order to defeat the british.
  • Hessians Capture Fort Washington

    Hessians Capture Fort Washington
    The hessians fighting for the british captured Fort Washington in New York. This event impacted the American Revelution by discouraging the americans and givin gthem a stronger reason to become allies with another country.
  • Washington crosses the Deleware

    Washington crosses the Deleware
    Washington made a bold move by crossing the icy Deleware River to do a suprise attack on Trenton. Some soilders had no shoes and had to tie rags on there feet.
  • St Claire surrenders Fort Ticonderoga

    St Claire surrenders Fort Ticonderoga
    The American Major General Arthur St. Claire surrendered Fort Ticonderoga to Burgoyne and his British army. This happened because the Americans were highly outnumbered by the British.
  • Battle of Bennington

    Battle of Bennington
    The Battle of Bennington, VT, took place in New York a few miles away. This war was won by General Stark and his American militia.
  • Battle of Brandywine

    Battle of Brandywine
    This battle was won by Howe and his British troops. By winning they were able to capture Philadelphia.
  • Battle of Germantown

    Battle of Germantown
    The Americans were defeated at the Battle of Germantown. Washington and his army attempted a surprise attack during the night. Because of the British's strong defense the Americans had to retreat.
  • Borgoyne surrenders to American General

    Borgoyne surrenders to American General
    At Saratoga, NY Burgoyne surrenders to General Gates. The Americans with the help of the Green Mountain Boys Trapped Burgoyne and forced him to surrender.
  • Washington's Army Retires to a Winter at Valley Forge

    Washington's Army Retires to a Winter at Valley Forge
    The winter at Valley Forge was the worst time for the americans throughout the whole war. There was little food, no medicine or supplies. Some soilders slept on frozen ground wrapped in blankets.
  • Franch Allience is signed

    Franch Allience is signed
    Americans know they need to make an allience to defeat the British. French are eager to defeat Britian, once the see that america has a chance they sign allience.
  • British General is Replaced

    British General is Replaced
    British General Willam Howe was replaced by Henry Clinton. The british decided to replace him because with the french and spanish aid the americans startred winning battles.
  • Battle of Barren Hill

    Battle of Barren Hill
    General George Washington decided to attack the British in Philidelphia, he heard they were there from americans spies. This was a successful attack Washingtons plan worked.
  • Washington's Army Leaves Valley Forge

    Washington's Army Leaves Valley Forge
    Valley Forge was the place where the Americans experienced the worst conditions throughout the war. All of the soilders were hopeful and had a new look on the war when they were able to leave valley forge.