Major Events of U.S. History

By linhmng
  • Jamestown settlement

    Jamestown was the first permanent English settlement. The town is located next to a river to make the town more secure. People settled here to look for gold, but there was none. The real source of money was the tobacco plant.
  • Europeans bring slaves

    Europeans bring slaves
    Slaves were introduced to the new world by Europeans. People in Africa were captured and brought against their will. They were used for labor.
  • French/Indian War

    French/Indian War
    War in the New World between Great Britain (colonies included) and the French who had the Indians as their allies. The war was over land by the Ohio River. They couldn't agree on who should be able to colonize there.
  • American Revolution

    The American Revolution was the colonists versus England. The colonies were angry about “taxation without representation”. They also wanted to be an independent country (and not under the rule of King George III).
  • Constitution Ratified

    Constitution Ratified
    The Constitution was drafted because the Articles of Confederation were weak. This new “blueprint” had separation of powers,federalism, a bill of rights, and many other things that affect us even today. James Madison is considered the main author of this document.
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    Louisiana Purchase was bought in from France in 1803 by president Thomas Jefferson. This land doubled the size of the U.S. The main reason this land was bought was because the U.S. was afraid that the french would take over New Orleans which was a big part of trade.
  • Louis and Clark Expedition

    Meriwether Lewis and William Clark were to explore the land that the U.S. had bought. They were also supposed to see what natural resources there were, the inhabitants, and if there was a river that stretched across the whole continent (for trade). An important guide they had was Sacagawea. She also acted as an interpreter.
  • Slave Importation is Banned

    Slave importation is banned by the U.S. You could not transport ships of slaves, but U.S. Enforcement was weak. This was most definitely not the end of the slave controversy in America.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Indian Removal Act
    President Andrew Jackson passed this law. Native Americans were to move to a reservation or pay for land. The journey of the Cherokees is called the Trail of Tears.
  • Mexican War Begins

    The Mexican War starts. The war is over boundaries; the annexation of Texas triggered it. The U.S. wins the war and gains the Mexican cession which is the present day states California,Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Utah.
  • Civil War Begins

    Civil War begins. War is North versus South. It is over states' rights and slavery. The North wins because of it's advantages.
  • First Transcontinental Railroad Completed

    First Transcontinental Railroad Completed
    The first transcontinental railroad is completed after about six years. This railroad was originally the Pacific Railroad because the railroad stretched all the way to the Pacific. Irish, Mormons, Chinese, and just all kinds of people laid the track. There were also people who had to deal with explosives(and other jobs). Much of the railroad is still in use today.
  • The Statue of Liberty is Dedicated

    The Statue of Liberty is Dedicated
    The Statue of Liberty is a gift of friendship from France. It was made in France and disassembled and put back together on Bedloe Island (New York). This statue, “Lady Liberty” greeted million of immigrants (who were on their way to Ellis Island). It is now a national monument.
  • National American Woman Suffrage Association is Founded

    National American Woman Suffrage Association is Founded
    National American Woman Suffrage Association was founded by Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. This group stood for equal rights for women and not just men. Voting was a right that was focused on and just basic equal treatment under the law (ex. work wages).
  • Ellis Island Becomes Chief Immigration Station of the U.S.

    Ellis Island in the New York Harbor is the gateway for millions of immigrants. Later, only displaced persons or war refugees were allowed to come due to the immigration act that was passed. It was also where some people were detained because they were “enemy aliens”.
  • Stock Market crashes - Great Depression

    The wall street stock market crashes and this is acknowledged as the beginning of the Great Depression. This Great Depression had much affect on the economy. This also spread worldwide. One of the factors was World War I and its costs.
  • "I Have a Dream" Speech

    "I Have a Dream" Speech
    The “I have a dream” speech is given by Martin Luther King Jr. in in Washington, D.C. by the Lincoln Memorial. He speaks of his dream for people to be judged by their character and not their skin color. This speech was a big milestone and push in the civil rights movement.
  • Apollo 11 - First Manned Mission to the Moon

    Apollo 11 was the name of this space flight. This is the first mission that man lands on the moon. This was seen as a victory in the Cold War Space Race (versus Soviet Union). There is a saying associated with this that a lot of people are familiar with :“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”(Neil Armstrong).
  • 9/11 Attack

    9/11 Attack
    On September 11, 2001 there were a series of attacks on the U.S. By AL -Queda. The one that more people know about is the attack on the twin towers. Hijackers took control of two planes and intentionally crashed them into the World Trade Center. Many people who were just innocent civilians, were killed. The other attack also involved planes. No survivors were found on any planes. This act of terrorism led the U.S. to take action to find this group.
  • Hurricane Katrina Hits New Orleans

    Hurricane Katrina caused lots of flooding in New Orleans because their levee system failed. This was very big because New Orleans was a place of trade. Some people died from this (about one thousand five hundred). Afterward, there was a problem with looting ,whether food and necessities or just any goods.