U.S History

  • Period: to

    The American Revolution

    America delcared war on the British for independence
  • Washington become president

    George Washington becomes 1st U.S President
  • 3rd President

    Thomas Jefferson became president
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase
    American doubles its size by buying the Louisiana Purchase.
  • The war of 1812

    The war of 1812 broke out between America and Britain
  • Trail Of Tears

    The U.S begin to move the Idians from their homes and land,
  • We're rich!

    The California gold rush begins.
  • Period: to

    The Civil war

    A war among states broke and it was know as the civil war.
  • Honest Abe

    Abraham Lincoln a Republican from lllinois becomes a U.S President
  • America entered world war 1

    America entered world war 1
    Even though it began in 1914, America entered World War 1
  • World War 1 Ended

    The Great War Ended
  • Rock Bottom

    Wall Street crrashed leading America into the Great Depession.
  • World War II

    World war two begins. America stays neutral.
  • We've been hit!

    We've been hit!
    Japan attacks Pearl Harbor
  • 1st A-bomb dropped

    1st A-bomb dropped
    America Drops The 1st ever atom bomb on japan.
  • korean war

    United states entered the korean war
  • Vietnam war

    No one know when it really started but it is to believe this is when america made it official.
  • Hawaii

    Hawaii becomes the 50th state
  • J.F.K

    Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald
  • We've been hit again!

    We've been hit again!
    The world trade tower get hit by two hijacked by plane . The hijackers was a group of terrorist