Science R&R 2-2

  • The Understanding of Fermentation

    Theodor Schwann concluded that fermentation is the result of living things.
  • Fermentation by yeast

    Louis Pasteur determined that fermentation is caused by yeast.
  • Enzymes in Yeast cells

    Eduard Buchner wins the Nobel prize for showing the ezymes in yeast cells.
  • Nobel Prizes

    Arhtur Harden and Hans Euler-Chelpin both win Nobel prize for their work on fermentation.
  • New Technology

    New technology was invented to use fermentation to produce antibiotics.
  • 3000BC

    The Chinese used fermented soybean curd to treat skin infections.
  • 220 BC

    The Chinese used fermented tea to treat a variety of illnesses.
  • 8000 BC

    Fermentation was used to make bread rise and to produce alchoholic beverages.