american reviltion

  • Proclamation of 1763

    By King George the third declaring that the Appalachin mountians was a good boundry for the colonist. The colonist were angry because most of them had bout land and could afford to move
  • Taxation without a leagal representation

    Was by Great Britan and was Britan taxing everyhting. Because the were in debt after the French and Indian war. Made the colonish mad
  • Sugar act

    By the British parlerment to lower taxes on molasses by the colonist. Because the were smuglleing and increasing there revenw. But it angerd the colonist and then started a protesst
  • Stamp act

    By the parlerment and it was a law placed on almost all printed items. Beacause Britan was in debt and wanted power and made the colonist angry
  • Quartering act

    This was by the parlermentfor punishing and payment of army because people were neglecting and refusing to do there duty.The people were very angry.
  • declaratory act

    the declatory cact was stated that the parlerment had the right to tax and make decions for the British colonies. They did it to regain power. But the people wanted the power back
  • townshend act

    The townshend act was to set taxes and imported goods. They were trying to make the colonist happy. But the boycoted it and stoped buying.
  • Boston massacre

    The Boston massacre was a group of colonist protesting to British Solders
  • Tea Act

    Was tea that was shipped to colonist cheap so India company would profit. The colonist were mad beacuse the were undercutting local merchancs
  • Boston tea party

    The sons of liberty decized themselves as indians and threw 342 cheast of tea over board. Because the colonist refused to buy tea. Then the citizens celebrated beacause of there bravry.
  • 1st continental congress

    55 colonist going to represent the American people were goin to gain back the freedom from Britan. Then the colonist formed armys to help the colonist
  • Coercive( intoerable acts)

    By King george the third and and the parlerment. It Stated that the Boston Harbor was closed untill the colonist could pay back the tea. Beacause he wanted to punsih Boston for the Boston Tea Party. olonist in Boston were mad beacause the harbor was closed