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Flight Timeline

  • Period: 500 to

    Flight of Humans

    Humans have always been curious about flight check out this updated list. Humans keep on creating new things like the Wrights check out this interesting tidbit of knowledge.
  • Apr 1, 960

    The Ancient Rocket from China

    The Ancient Rocket from China
    The ancient rockets from China were not as advanced as today's, However in the late 10th century in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) it was quite genius. The rocket was composed of a gun powder tube, arrow barrel, arrow feather and arrow head. They were flaming projectiles for warfare. They have evolved.
  • Apr 26, 1485

    Leonardo DaVinci ideas

    Leonardo DaVinci ideas
    Leonardo was a person who was literally a superhuman. He was a genius who had tons of ideas. One of them was inspired by birds and it was a human powered flight machine.So he drew it out in a diagram.
  • Aerodrome 5

    Aerodrome 5
    The Aerodrome 5 is claimed to be the first object to be successful in flight. It flew an astonishing 100ft and grew up to 3300ft. It was not manned.
  • Wright Brothers Wright Flyer I

    Wright Brothers Wright Flyer I
    The Wright Brother s finally finish and made their Wright Flyer public. They first flew it at this time and it worked but it was unstable and shaky.
  • The almost finished Canadian Avro's Arrow

    The almost finished Canadian Avro's Arrow
    There once was a Canadian project. This project was built for warfare purposes - it was an interceptor. So it was built for running and shooting attempts, sadly it was cancelled. It could reach speed of Mach 2.
  • FIRST MONKEY in space that survived!!!!!

    FIRST MONKEY in space that survived!!!!!
    The first monkey in space was a Rhesus monkey named Able who was accompanies by Miss Baker which was a squirrel monkey. They are always remembered for their amazing feats. They were sent into space in a rocket and space suit to see if humans will fit the conditions to explore fspace.
  • X-15 in action

    X-15 in action
    The X-15 is the fastest airplane that has attribute of being the fastest airplane in the world and that it is manned as well. The speed it reached is Mach 6.72.
  • Aloutte 2 blasts off!!!!!

    Aloutte 2 blasts off!!!!!
    Aloutte 2 is a manmade satellite and an improved modelof the Aloutte 1. Itwas built byCanadians and one of the first few satellites that were not made by the USA or USSR. However it was launched to the ionosphere to explore it for and as the main purpose. The Aloutte 2 had many other expirements. Though it was built from scratch by the Canadians was transported to places like the ionosphere by the Americans.
  • A big step for man, a gimungous step for mankind

    A big step for man, a gimungous step for mankind
    The Boeing 747 takes flight and appears majestically. It's nicknames make it pregidous. Built for being a large transport strategic airplane

    Green Canadian plane made out of recycled scrap and runs on biomass and when out has solar panel wings for backup energy. It is quick and efficient not to mention comfortable. It's green and clean. Created by the great Canadian descendants of David Suzuki.

    NASA and CSA discovered aliens from Andremona and UFOs landed in Area 51 so scientist are trying to develop a green UFO. To replicate the UFO and usen it as a source of transportation mainlty becauseit was a cool idea and it was efficient.

    Flying hovercrafts become new trend for various reasons. One because it is eco-friendly because you generate energy to move by pedalling it and generating electricity. Secondly it is multi-terrained. It can travel by air, land by retractable wheels, and water.