Pearl harbor

Pearl Harbor

  • Japan Invades North China

    Longer timelineThey come through Manchuria.
  • Communication About Possible Attack On Pearl Harbor

    Communication About Possible Attack On Pearl Harbor
    Yamamoto talks with other officers about the possible attack.
  • Washington is Warned about the Possible Attack

    Washington doesn't believe the information of Japan plannin a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Japanese forces are training for the attack

    Yamamoto trains his men and finalizes plans of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Submarines Depart Japan

    Submarines Depart Japan
    Subs were the first involved in the attack at Pearl Harbor.
  • Aircraft Carriers and Escorts depart Japan

    The main body heads to Hawaii.
  • Japanese Attack at 7:55am

    Japanese Attack at 7:55am
    Aircraft begins its first wave of attacks on Pearl Harbor's ships. This goes on for two hours. 2,400 Americans are dead and 1,200 are injured. 18 ships have been damaged severly or even sunk. 300 aircraft are destroyed.
  • War is Declared

    Roosevelt declares war on Japan.