Travel and Tourism Development

  • Package Holidays

    First one by Thomas Cook in 1842. First modern one was in 1942 by Vladimir Raitz, he took passengers to Corsica on a DC3 aeroplane.
  • Period: to

    Holiday Camps

    Holiday Camps at peak in business, about 60% of the Holiday Market. Warners, Butlins and Pontins, were the big names in the business. They started to become less popular in the 1970s, because of demand for holidays abroad. There are still holiday camps in use today for people who either cannot afford or do not want to go abroad for holidays.
  • Period: to

    Techonological Development - Reservation and Bookings

    A huge impact on the travel industry is the way bookings can now be made. As demand for travel grew in the 1950s companies introduced Reservation Departments. With the invention of the computers, tour operators and airlines developed thier own systems. After a while these systems were linked to Travel Agencies.
  • Transport Development - Air

    Boeing introduced the new passenger jet aircraft the 707
  • Development of Tourism Act 1969

    Established tourist boards:
    for England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Transport Act 1980

  • Transport Act 1985

  • Package Travel, Package Holidays & Package Tours Regulations 1992

    Made by EC Directive, since '92 al UK tour operators offering package holidays have been subject to the Package Travel Regulations.
  • Air Passenger Duty

    Increased in 2006
    Further increases planned for 2010 causing controversy
  • Tourism Strategy

    A growth industry for the New Millenium. Is still Valid but has been reviewed.