Charles Mee's Experience with Polio

  • he was born

  • intereted in football

    when he was 9.
  • driving cross-country

    with his family
  • dancing with stephanie sibley

    high school summer dancing
  • double dating and he felt somthing badly

    with an old friends
  • he went to hospital

    he met Mrs. Fuller
  • he was isolated in the wards

  • extreme unction

    father sent him to aCatholic to treatment his illness.
  • had a spinal tap

  • he felt better than 15 days ago.

  • visiting family and freinds

  • Mee got poilo

  • polio vaccine

    he first heard of jonas Salk and his polio vaccine
  • out of the isolayion ward

  • starting excercise

  • leaving from the isolated room

  • having a physical therapy

  • wotking in the hospital

  • visiting home

  • happiest day of his life

  • his father passed away

  • stevie visited his home

    after then, she nevercomback. he let her go free.
  • bets taking him to football game

  • Normalizing day

    his aunt Nouga and his cousins Betty and Casey visted his house for his homcoming from the hospital
  • gain his weight

  • visited Ms. Jones

    he was tring to show her his developed his body working
  • Cristmas day

    his sister came home
  • the hottest gift of christmas

    paints by numbers took off that autumn
  • back to school

    return to school and met his fried, jim
  • continueing school

    high school news paper the Broncho, that my mother saved for him.
  • senior party

  • junior prom

    suzy took him to the junior prom.and they enjoyed dancing
  • Having a surgery

    against quackery and heroic experimental treatments
  • Recuperating in the hospital

    all those muscles healing themselves into new places.
  • Disneyland open