Week of October 4th

By smartin
  • Monday

    Spelling p. 54
    Math PW #9
    Social Studies read pp. 42-46 and complete workbook p. 13
  • Tuesday

    Spelling p. 55
    Math p. 35 Write out all the problems
    Religion p. 42
    Reading: Read the story "Ali Baba Bernstein" and complete Practice Book 12
  • Wednesday

    Spelling pp. 57-58 or * 56,59
    Religion pp. 40,41
    English pp. 19.20 Do not have to do "Writing Application"
  • Thursday

    Religion Chapter #2 Study Guide completed and signed by a parent. Test is Tuesday, October 13th, not the 12th
    Reading Comprehension check p. 59
    Science Read Lesson 2 pp. 66-71 and complete the Quick Study worksheet numbers 2,3, and 4
  • Friday

    Spelling p. 60
    Social Studies Vocabulary p. 50 (9 words) completed on index cards and saved in vocab box and workbook pp. 14-15