• The Sugar Act

    tax on sugar and molasses was reduced from six pence to only three.
  • The Currency Act

    suffering a shortage of currency trading increased but there wasnt enough tarde goods. parilment passed a law that caused colonies to put up a fight.
  • Battle of Sullivan's Island

    Clinton led an assault on Fort Sullivan, which guarded the Charleston harbor. british were defeated.
  • Battle Of Princeton

    A victory for geogre washington and his troops, used a sneek attack to out witt the british general sir charles corn wallis.
  • Battle of Bound Brook

    Vicotry for the continental army, sir charles corn wallis lead the victory.
  • Battle of Vincennes

    American frontiersman George Rogers Clark won this battle against the British Forces.
  • Defense of Savannah

    french and revolutionary forces tried to take savannah again. British take the island and win the battle.
  • Siege of Charleston

    One of the major battles that took place at the end of the american revolutionary war. british defeating americans.
  • Battle of Guilford Court House

    American general Nathaniel Greene won this confertation agaisnt british general sir charles corn wallis
  • Siege of Yorktown

    Led by george washington, americasn came to a victory.