The 1930's-1940's Events Leading to World War II

  • Japan Invades Manchuria

    Japan Invades Manchuria
    Basically, at this time, Japan economically wasn't doing so well. But, Manchuria was; because of the fact that they have more land, and they had good forestry and minerals. Overall the Manchurian economy was doing much better then Japan. So Japan invaded Manchuria. They wanted a cure to fix them. And this was their cure. This just causes a lot of problems, and puts even more of a damper on things. World War II is more likely to start when countries like these, are invading eachother.
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    Events that lead to World War II

  • The Good Neighbor Policy

    The Good Neighbor Policy
    FDR talked about this Good Neighbor Policy. It meant that the U.S basically wanted to have peace and be friends with other countries. The policy said that U.S would watch out for the countries in the Latin-American area. This should have been a good thing, and should have stopped the countries from ever having a war, but, it didn't because there was still a World War II.
  • Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act

    Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act
    This was where the U.S and other countries of Latin America made decisions about the taxes on imported and exported things. Since this was an agreement act, that is one positive thing. It's good to have two countries agree on something. I'm not so sure if the U.S and these countries went to war at all in the World War II, but if they did have one common grounnd on this act then that's a positive thing.
  • U.S Neutrality Act of 1935

    U.S Neutrality Act of 1935
    The act was made so that the U.S wouldn't go to war with countries in Europe. There was to be no more war supplies that were shipped, and the U.S was recommended not to ride on the vessel boats. This was basically made I think, to keep peace. It was significant, because it was very important at that time, for countries not go to war. This act is showing the attempt of progress. However, there was still many wars after.
  • Spanish Civil War

    Spanish Civil War
    This was a war between a military group called the nationalists, and between a group called the republicans. This was all because the nationalists wanted to own Spain, so they had to fight for it. I'm not so sure if this was one of the reasons why the World War II started, but I know that actions like this, cause for more problems in the future. Like, problems that eventually lead to the World War. This is all because a group wants ownership, and when they want something, they want it.
  • The Incident of Panay

    The Incident of Panay
    This was where the Japanese went after a U.S navy boat called the USS Panay. But they did apologize for doing this attack because they said they never saw the U.S flags. However the U.S looked down on the Japanese now, because of it. So, in the U.S's opinion, I'm sure Japan was a country to look out for. I think this could have been part of the reason why the U.S fought with Japan.
  • Munich Agreement

    Munich Agreement
    This said that it was okay to allow the Germans to add on to the land of Czechoslovakia. This agreement took place in Munich Germany. This just gave Germany more control then they needed. This could have been a factor in the World War II. I personally think that the situation probably spoils Germany to the point where they probably wanted more and more things.
  • U.S Neutrality Act of 1939

    U.S Neutrality Act of 1939
    This act said that nations could trade arms with the process of paying for it with cash money, and then the buyer can walk with it, right then and there. I think this could be convenient for people. But, I feel that it was probably dangerous also, because of the fact that people were bringing their supplies and arms with them, when along the way they could have met up with other countries and started fights. I'm sure this did happen. It's safer to have someone bring the supplies to them.
  • Battle of France

    Battle of France
    This was when Germany invaded France, and some other countries. This just created more problems through Europe. So, people were tense, which probably made them mad. So, thats probably why the world War II started.
  • Selective Training and Service Act

    Selective Training and Service Act
    This was where males within a certain age group had to go into the military. The age group was in between ages 21 and 35. This just promotes the idea of wars and going to war. So this just makes other countries more mad I'm sure, and jst causes more wars to happen, with more injured people.