Timeline of Battles 1775-1778

By elisem
  • Lexington and Concord

    General Thomas Gage (British commander) had discovered the weapons the colonists had been keeping in Concord. He told Lieutenant-colonel Francis Smith to send troops to get the weapons and destroy them. Colonists heard of their plan and decided to ambush. Some militiamen tried to attack but had to retreat( In Lexington). When British came to a bridge in Concord the militia was ready for them sending the British back to Boston.
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Embarassed by their defeat, the British planned to attack the colonists again but they were ready. The colonists swarmed Bunker Hill and Breed's Hill. The British tried to come at them twice but were ambushed by American shooting.The third attack was successful and forced the colonists off the hills. The British ultimately won this one but they suffered numerous casualties and they discoverd that they were facing an actual threat.
  • Capture of Montreal

    The Continental Congress formed a Continental Army led by George Washington. This army planned an invasion of Canada (in Montreal). General Montgomery took a force to Fort Ticonderoga in September. They invaded in November and easily took down the city. After that easy win by the colonists, they advanced toward Quebec.
  • Quebec Invasion

    Two Groups of troops marched to Quebec. General Montgomery and General Benedict Arnold, who arrived with 500 less men than he started with. Quebec was readily prepared and Arnold had to call off assault for rienforcements. Wen they arrived a huge storm blew and the forces had to pull out. They ultimately evacuated in 1776 to Fort Ticonderoga.
  • Arrives in NY

    The British left Boston and came to New York. The General Howes' had a force, mostly Hessians, that was sent to assault NYC from Staten Island. It seemed the Continental Congress did not care much about this becasue the Declaration of Independence was released soon after.
  • Battle of Long Island

    The Colonial troops were diveded; some on channel between Staten Island and Long Island, some sent to slow British advance, and some stayed with Washington to prepare for the attack on Manhattan. The trrops on Long Island joined the troops in Manhattan when the British landed, however, Washington knew they had no chance and withdrawaled
  • Battle of White Plains

    Washinton regrouped and went to the village of White Plains . General Howe and his troops attacked the Continental Army and could have destroyed them completely. Instead, he halted the battle letting Washington retreat more with supplies.
  • Doc: George Washington to Joseph Spencer

  • Thomas PaineAmerican Crisis (1780-83)

  • Battle of Trenton

    General Howe ceased battle plans for the winter he must not have thought of the Continental Army as much of a threat. The colonists planned to camp out in the town of Valley Forge. On Christmas day they crossed the Deleware River to reach Trenton and surprise attack. They killed 100 Hessians about and captured so many. they withdrew with numerous prisoners and supplies
  • Battle of Princeton

    Washington wanted to followup on that awesome success by going to New Jersey and attacking the British. As they were crossing the Deleware River, a huge British boat came by nearly trapping them at Trenton. They were saved by going north to Princeton. There was a British force there that they fought then proceeded to New Jersey and drive the Brtish from there. This caused many recruits for the army
  • Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789

  • Battle of Ticonderoga

    The British wanted to get to New Yorj and try to separate the New England States but they had to get through Fort Ticonderoga first. They made a plan to fire at the Fort with a cannon from the high mountain Sugar Loaf. The Americans saw this and evacuated immediatley allowing the British to enter the Fort and get by.
  • Siege of Fort Stanwix

    British troops came to Fort Stanwix and destroyed 800 militia but the defenders would not surrender. The Indians that made up some of the British army gave up. Gen. Arnold tried to gather a force to relieve the fort. He couldnt get enough people so he just spread a rumor that he did. The British heard this and left Fort Stanwix and went back to Canada.
  • Battle of Brandywine

    General Howe wanted to capture Philadelphia to end this revolution but because of recent rain, it was hard for the ships to unload from Chesapeake Bay. Washington took adavantage of this to set up defense but becasue of fog they were forced to retreat. Many casualties were suffered in that war but Howe now had nothing blocking him from Philadaelphia. The continental congress fled for New York. British marched there.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    British were forced to surrender when meeting colonial militia in Vermont but General Burgoyne kept going. He crossed the Hudson River to Saratoga where General Gates was waiting with an army. Thr British tried to attack twice (three weeks apart) but were not successful and brought on a counterattack. Burgoyne's army laid down their arms.
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  • George Washington to Continental Congress, December 23, 1777

  • Battle of Monmouth

    Washington's army suffered in the winter of 1777-1778. New General Clinton decided to leave New York because he thought they were susceptable to an attack by the newly Independent French so they retreated to New York. Washington decided to attack on their march and they fought in Monmouth, New Jersey and the Americans won!