History of Education Timeline

By maddog
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    Timeline of my education

  • 1943 Norwood Report: Curriculum and Examinations in Secondary Schools

  • 1944 Education Act

    Stated that there should be compulsory, free education for all children aged 5 -15 and that all-age schools should be replaced by separate primary and secondary schools
  • 1959 Crowther Report: 15 to 18

    The Crowther Report 1959 suggested raising the school leaving age to 16, the introduction of Comprehensive Schools and a new exam below that of the GCE Level
  • 1965 DES Circular 10/65: The organisation of secondary education

  • 1967 Plowden Report: Children and their Primary Schools

  • 1972 James Report: Teacher Education and Training

  • 1975 Bullock Report: A language for life

  • I was born!

    I was born!
    I was born at 7.10 07/10 1975. My tells me she had fish and chips for tea!
  • 1976 Jim Callaghan: Ruskin College speech

  • 1978 Waddell Report: School Examinations

  • 1981 The School Curriculum

  • 1980 A View of the Curriculum

  • Bristol Steiner School

    Bristol Steiner School
    Believed in learning through play. I hated it and begged my mum to pull me out.
  • Chew Magna Primary School

    Chew Magna Primary School
    My first day at Chew Magna Primary School was most memorable for me because I was made next to the naughty boy, Mark Broderick.
  • 1981 DES Circular 6/81: The School Curriculum

  • 1983 DES Circular 8/83: The School Curriculum

  • 1985 Better Schools - A Summary

  • Chew Valley Comprehensive School

    Chew Valley Comprehensive School
    Trees, trees and more trees!
  • 1988 Education "Reform" Act

    The 1988 Education Reform Act regarded as one of the most important pieces of education legislation in the UK Introduced; Grant Maintained Schools (GMS) Local Management of Schools (LMS) the National Curriculum, Key Stages, League Tables showing results publicly, an element of choice as to parents could decide on their prefered schools
  • 1989 Personal and Social education from 5 to 16

  • 1992 Curriculum Organisation and Classroom Practice in Primary Schools

  • I got my GCSE's

    I got my GCSE's
  • I got my A Level results!

    I got my A Level results!