South Battles

By wolcik8
  • Battle of Vincennes 1778

    Battle of Vincennes 1778
    The battle was the Indians and the British against the French at there fort. Treaties and alliances were in the air. The British decided to take the fort back for the second time. There were very little french soliders. So it was an easy take back fo the British.
  • Battle of Vincennes 1779

    Battle of Vincennes 1779
    The British had took fort Vincennes, and the Americans were going to take it back. Lt. Colonel George Rogers Clark led the Americans. The british suffered only two death while the Americans had none. The Americans had one this battle and they got more help from the French. The land that the colonist won had become the northwestern territorys
  • battle of Savanah

    battle of Savanah
    Sence the British captured Savanah very easily, which yet the stage for the second bloodest battle in the revolution. With the 5050 men the Americans had they lost over 1000 men. With 42 ships and 4000 soliders they British arrived of Tybee. For two weeks the British began defending the city. Thousand of French and American troops attacked the British. The British won and held the city till 1782
  • Battle of Charleston

    Battle of Charleston
    This was a very important battle that took place around the end of the war. The British were trying to began a siege. They were under heavy fire the first. Then on April 14 they reached the American post. There was a surrender put foward, but was turned down and heavy artillery followed. The British took down the dam and by May 6 almost all the water was gone. An offical surrender was on May 12
  • Battle of Camden

    Battle of Camden
    The British took the W in this Battle. The British colonel Tarlton took over burofrd at Camden. This base proved to be important for the British, supplies were made there. The Americans came from the north. Then there was a battle between to swapms. The American forces took a big loss. They had about 1000 killed and hurt, and 1000 taken prisoner. Also losing seven guns.
  • Battle of Kings Mountain

    Battle of Kings Mountain
    At this battle you could say it was like the Civial war. This battle was the loyalist Americans against the patriot American Revolutionaries. The Revolutionaries surrouned the loyalists on top of a mountain and a classic battle between rife and bayonet began. The Loyalist put down there weapons but the Revolutionaries kept on shooting. Just all about the Loyalist were killed, wounded, or captured.
  • Battle of Cowpens

    Battle of Cowpens
    The Americans won this batttle overwhelminly. War in the southern colonies had been a hazard full out offensive. The British were on the attack at first. Then the Americana drew back, but it was a good thing that they did. The British hurried to keep after them, then we stoped and fired at them. During that Washingtons men attacked from the rear, and the British had to surrender. This another victory came the Americans got more confidence.
  • Battle of Guilford Court House

    Battle of Guilford Court House
    The British forced stoped in Guilford and met up at the court house. The Americans had three lines of troops 350 yards away from eachother. The first line had started shooting when the British appeared at the edge of the first clearing. They suffered many loses, but kept on going. They made it pass the first line and attacked the second line. The troops pushed the second line back and attacked the third. The British did win but lost alot of men.