20080314 sherlock holmes

Rob Harkness' timeline of the speckeled band

By perins
  • Helen Stoner arrives at London

    Helen arrives at Holmes' house, she is terrified that her step father Dr Roylott will find her there. She tells Holmes and Watson about her sister's murder and is worried that it will happer to her!
  • Holmes goes to Stoke Moran

    Holmes and Watson go to Stoke Moran and investigate the room where helen is sleeping and where here sister; Julia died... They also formulate a plan.
  • Holmes and Watson stay in an Inn.

    Holmes and watson stay at an inn and wait untill they get the signal from Helen(the lamp on the windowsil of Helen's room).
  • Evening: Holmes gets the signal and goes to stoke moran.

    Holmes and Watson wait for the signal an go quikly through the night to Stoke Moran. They then jump through the window and wait until the Snake comes through the air vent.
  • Assassination of Dr. Roylott.

    Holmes sences something mooving, he strikes a match then the snake, which goes back though the vent and kills Dr. Roylott.
  • The journey home

    Holmes and watson retern to London and Homes explains to Watson that he saw the snake.