game timeline

By doddy
  • first game released

    first game released
    In 1958 the first video game was created it had no colour other than black and white
  • donkey kong

    donkey kong
    donkey kong was released
  • super mario

    super mario
    super mario was released in 1985
  • final fantasy

    final fantasy
    final fantasy was released in 1987
  • sonic 1

    sonic 1
    Sonic 1 for the sega was one of the first 3d platform games
  • street fighter 1992

    street fighter 1992
    Street fighter was the first realistic violent game created as they had people do the moves for the characters
  • release of the ps1

    release of the ps1
    the first ever playsation game console was released in 1994
  • grand theft auto 1

    grand theft auto 1
    the first grand theft auto was released in 1998
  • release of ps2

    release of ps2
    the ps2 was released in 2000
  • first xbox released

    first xbox released
    the first ver xbox was released in 2001
  • sims 1

    sims 1
    Sims was the first game that you could control multiple people in the same game, you could dress them make them eat
  • call of duty

    call of duty
    the first call of duty was released in 2004 on the pc
  • xbox 360

    xbox 360
    the xbox 360 was released in 2005
  • xbox 360 elite

    xbox 360 elite
    the xbox 360 elite was released in 2007
  • gta iv

    gta iv
    from the first ever gta to the latest one released the graphics and story lines have improved greatly
  • release of the ps3

    release of the ps3
    the ps3 was released in 2010